Day 318, Wednesday, 10 February, 2010

Distance travelled – 71.6 km
Avg speed – 17.8 kph
Max speed – 43.7 kph

Triabunna to Moulting Lagoon (Coles Bay)

It rained during the night but had cleared up by the time we woke this morning.

We met another cyclist on the road today. Olivier is from Quebec and was riding south. He told us of a couple of other riders also heading south who he had met over the past few days, one of whom is a 75-year-old fellow who is towing a BOB trailer. We did not come across him today but we do hope we can meet him, as we are sure he has an interesting story to tell.

After a late lunch in Swansea we were about to leave the café when we were stopped by a couple from Germany who had passed us on the road earlier in the day. Ulrich and Martha were visiting Australia for the fifth time, so they clearly like it here. They had done some cycle touring in Europe and were interested in finding out what we were up to. Ulrich mentioned that he often felt cycle touring was more an exercise for the mind than a physical one. We mentioned we had felt this on the west coast of Tasmania and this led to the four of us sharing the arguments we all seem to have with the little voices in our heads as we tackle those difficult hills.

After leaving Swansea we rode along the Nine Mile Beach road to catch our custom ferry service to our campsite for the night.


Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Triabunna Wharf

Ploughing between Triabunna and Swansea. We learnt on the mainland that with the adoption of minimum tillage many mainland farmers would stop ploughing if they were loosing this amount of soil to the wind.

The convict built "Spikey Bridge".

Mark crossing "Spikey Bridge". Why the spikes were added is not known.

Now this is a sign people back home in Canberra would love to see!

Meeting Duncan 'Ferryman' at the end of 9 Mile Beach

Agreeing on the conditions of transit

Loading Denise's bike

Mark off loading his bike

A 'welcome' message from the Twaott's. Originally we had planned to have Christmas with them, then New Year and finally today we caught up.


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