Day 283, Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

Distance travelled – 131.6 km
Avg speed – 18.0 kph
Max speed – 51.9 kph

Penola to Hamilton

Today was a long hard day of riding through some very diverse country in two states as we left South Australia behind and entered Victoria.

If we were not on a mission to be in Ballarat on Friday evening we would have more than likely stopped in Casterton for night as the old buildings and the surrounding country was telling us we should stop and linger for some time. We will have to go back another time and look around.

We called into the local pharmacy looking for a battery for the remote control on our video camera and got talking to the staff. We came away with a recommendation that we take an alternative route to the highway along the Lower Coleraine Road as it was not meant to be as hilly. After completing the ride we have decided that if the Lower Coleraine Road was not as hilly we have no desire to go back and ride along the highway as there were a number of very steep climbs involved.  On the plus side the lower road was exceptionally quiet and by the time we reached the end we felt we were riding along a wide ACT bicycle path.

On our way along the lower road we were stopped half way up a hill by one of the local farmers who engaged us in conversation for close to 30 minutes about our trip, the surrounding county and local farming practices. It was a most interesting conversation and throughout it all he kept the landcruiser running parked in the middle of the road. When a motorist did approach he told us not to bother moving as it was a local and he could find a way around us.

After a long, hard day’s riding and having completed the longest hill climb since Queensland we arrived in Hamilton just after 7.00pm.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Looking back to Penola

Crossing another state border

Beside the Penola - Casterton Road

Beside the Penola - Casterton Road


Lower Coleraine Road

Denise disappears down one of the inclines on the Lower Coleraine Road

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