Day 162, Monday, 7 September 2009

Distance travelled – 73.8 km
Avg speed – 19.4 kph
Max speed – 28.4 kph

Pardoo Roadhouse to Bush Camp

We awoke this morning to what we think was the windiest day so far on the trip. Trees were bending significantly and as far as we were concerned it was nearly blowing a gale.

On the plus side the wind was blowing in the right direction but I was hesitant to get going as I felt once we left there was little chance of riding back into it. Denise was keen to give it a go and we agreed that if it turned into a head wind we would just stop and camp.

Before we left we rang the Big 4 at Port Hedland to book a shady site for three nights as we had been told it was hard to get in if you just turned up. Last night we had mobile phone coverage but this morning in the high wind we had none at all. So we decided to use a phone box – did you know that phone boxes do not use money any more, you have to buy and use a phone card!

The ride to our campsite near De Grey River was unremarkable and uneventful and after a long lunch break we finally pulled up around 3.30pm. We found a nice spot in a small depression away from the highway and a couple of kilometres from the De Grey Rest Area, which seemed to be overflowing with caravans.

As we finished dinner and made a coffee we watched the moon rise behind the trees on the skyline before it quickly rose above them. We were in bed before 8.30pm.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Packing up at Pardoo Roadhouse

Using a phone box - did you know that phone boxes do not use money any more?

Not everything is green out here

A delivery on its way north

Hills at last!



Bush camp 090907

Bush camp 090907



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