Day 181, Saturday, 26 September, 2009

Distance travelled – 77.8 km
Avg speed –  16.9 kph
Max speed –  30.1 kph

Wooramel Roadhouse to Overlander Roadhouse

It was blowing when we got up and by the time we left it had picked up to the extent that we were wondering why we were leaving. Then we observed our flags and realised the wind had changed direction. It was now blowing from our left side so we did get some assistance for rest of the day. Side winds at not easy to ride with but anything was better than the head wind we had yesterday.

We stopped for morning tea below Gladstone Lookout as we were not sure if we would ride up the short incline to take a look. In the end I persuaded Denise to give it a go. It is only a kilometre, if that, to the top but the last 100 metres turned out to be very steep. Denise was not a happy camper when she got to the top so in retrospect it was not a good call to make the climb. However, the view to the coast was worth seeing.

We arrived at Overlander Roadhouse just before 3.30 and paid to camp on the ‘back lawn’ behind the rainwater tanks. The owners appear to have a lot of maintenance issues to deal with at this roadhouse and they told us that they have been struggling to get tradesman to do the work for them. They have a sign on the front door saying “maintenance required”, hoping a traveller might stop and ask for paid work. A couple of days before we arrived they had run out of water. For a business at such a major intersection they must be losing a lot of custom. If we were not tired and on bikes we would not have stayed here.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Sunrise at Wooramel Roadhouse

Hills begin to appear shortly after leaving Wooramel

Morning tea below Gladstone Lookout

Morning tea below Gladstone Lookout. The lookout is on the hill in the background.

Denise pushing to the top of Gladstone Lookout - she was not pleased I had persuaded her to ride up for a look

Looking towards the coast from Gladstone Lookout

Looking towards the coast from Gladstone Lookout

26th Parallel Leaving the North West

No chance of a smooth bush camp site out here - not much shade either

Camping at Overland Roadhouse - at least there was green grass

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