Day 160, Saturday, 5 September 2009

80 Mile Beach

We had a very slow breakfast this morning before going for a walk along the beach. Other than the tranquillity, one other attraction for going to 80 Mile Beach is the beach fishing. (Swimming is not recommended due to the nasties, sharks and sea snakes).

The view as we walked over the dune was most unexpected for as far as we could see there were people lined up along the shore fishing and when we say as far as we could see we mean as far as you could see and in both directions. We had never seen anything like it and as we walked behind them someone was always pulling in a fish.

On the site across the road from ours we met Peter and Berti a retired couple from Switzerland. They were travelling south in a small Apollo campervan. Peter was working on a watercolour painting of the beach and Berti showed us Peter’s diary, which was a combination of small watercolour paintings and neat hand written notes about the places they had been. It was a very unique way of documenting a trip.

80 Mile Beach seems to attract a very different type of caravanner we had seen elsewhere. On either side of us there were people who had been there for three months or more and they were very comfortably established. One seemed to have every kitchen electrical appliance you could have from a food processor, bread maker, electric knife, ice maker, BBQ, numerous small fridges and freezers. It must take them days to set up and then pack. Each morning they all go out fishing for about four hours and then return for a very sociable afternoon with the neighbours. The place is quiet and still after 8.30pm.

You cannot book to go to 80 Mile Beach you just turn up and they fit you in. If you want a powered site and one it not available when you arrive you just wait until the next day and move sites when someone leaves.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Camp site at 80 Mile Beach

Fishermen on 80 Mile Beach

Fishermen on 80 Mile Beach

People use many different ways of getting their gear to their favourite spots, 4WD, trolleys, 8 wheel sand buggies and 4 wheeled bike

Looking north


Looking south

"I've got something"

Trying to land the fish, (it was easily longer than 1 metre but got away when only 2 metres from the beach).

Washing day and not much was left in the wardrobe!

Peter and his diary

Peter's diary


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