Day 218, Monday, 2 November, 2009

Distance travelled – 74.1 km
Avg speed – 15.3 kph
Max speed – 35.1 kph

York to Quairading

Compared to yesterday the road to Quairading (Kwair-a-ding) was quite busy. A lot of 2 trailer ‘road trains’ carting what we suspect was freshly harvested grain. It was also very up and down with long gradual climbs followed by equally gradual descents. However, due to the gusting winds we had to descend each hill slowly otherwise we felt like we would get blown over.

Lunch today was to be Mark’s ‘favourite’ – vita weets – so luckily for him we discovered a small café at Kauring. Our maps showed Kauring as a locality so we did not expect to find anything there. We were delighted to come across a sign 30 km from York that read “Delectable Gourmet 1 km”. We both started to comment along the lines “Let’s have an early lunch” which was countered by comments such as “Bet it’s closed ‘cause it’s Monday”. But no, it was open, and operates 7 days a week. We both had a very enjoyable meal of  home made pie and salad.

We arrived at Quairading about 4.00pm. As we rode in Mark thought it was Sunday as the town was very quiet.

As has been the case in the last few weeks the wind seemed to stop as we arrived.

We had an enjoyable evening talking to two couples as we cooked dinner at the caravan park. One of the couples had pulled into Quairading on ANZAC Day and had found the town and people so pleasant they had not left. Both were now heavily involved in community activities and had commitments in Quairading to the end of January. Listening to them talk we suspect they will end up moving to Quairading.

One of their projects involved the local Vintage Motor Club which restores old farm and mechanical machinery. Someone had left the club 50 acres of land so earlier this year the club used vintage farming equipment to sow 50 acres of wheat. They were now preparing the machinery to enable them to harvest the crop in the weeks to come. It would have been nice to stick around to watch this.

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