Day 143, Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Today we rode out to a café at a nearby farm to have morning tea. We sat under the shade of a mango tree in the garden there. The heat is quite bearable if you can sit in the shade with a bit of a breeze. As we were leaving the café the Australia All Over “G’Day Van” pulled into the car park. We thought we would say “G’Day” and ask Macca for an interview as part of our “Interesting People We Meet” stories. We were surprised how gruff he was, complaining about how they found it difficult to get time to themselves. We sympathised due to the attention we get along the road but at least his problem would be quickly remedied by removing the signs on the side of the van inviting people to say G’Day. He said he would call us later on but so far we have not heard from him.

A few days back we mentioned how we thought the boab trees had personalities of their own. It was, therefore, interesting to find murals painted around Kununurra depicting the trees as people. These two photos were taken outside the Kimberly Croc Lodge and the Child Care Centre.


Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.





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