Day 188, Saturday, 4 October, 2009


We caught a bus into the Geraldton CBD this morning which is something we have not done in a town before. In this instance it turned out to be a good choice as it took us through areas we would not have seen if we had taken the bikes.

We have found it interesting as we travel to look at the housing styles in each town. One thing that disappoints us is that there does not appear to be any unique modern style of housing now being built in Australia. Houses being built at home in the new suburbs of Canberra look exactly the same as what is being built here in the new developments in WA , and on small blocks as well. There seems to be no originality. Denise’s quote of the day is “architecture is related to its time rather than the place.”

We enjoyed our extra time walking around Geraldton today. A couple of highlights were the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, St Francis Xavier Cathedral, (another Monsignor Hawes Historical Trail building) and the fish and chips on the waterfront.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Geraldton from Sunset Beach

HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton

HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton

Denise planning our route to the waterfront

Water park

Street behind the water front

I have not seen one of these roundabouts in years. I was surprised to see it still in use.

St Francis Xavier Cathedral, (another Monsignor Hawes Historical Trail building)

Inside St Francis Xavier Cathedral

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