Day 248, Wednesday, 2 December, 2009

Distance travelled – 101.3 km
Avg speed – 18.3 kph
Max speed – 34.5 kph

Bush Camp to Penong

Being only 19km from Nundroo we thought we would ‘go out’ to breakfast in Nundroo, however, much to our surprise our departure this morning was delayed by a couple walking into our camp as we were packing up. They had stopped in their caravan 500m further up the road and this morning they had decided to go for a morning walk and were equally surprised to find someone else camped nearby.

On arrival at Nundroo we were told that the kitchen had just closed but after we made a comment that we had especially come for breakfast a conversation between the cashier and the cook had us sitting down to a ‘Nundroo Breaky’ of eggs, steak, bacon, sausages and baked beans.

The last forecast we had obtained at Nullarbor was that today was going to be especially hot and in the high 30’s and by the time we had finished breakfast all indications were that the forecast was going to be fulfilled with the sun already having a considerable bite in it. We, therefore, decided not to rush the ride to Penong and stop in the shade as much as possible and carry at least 10 litres of water each.

As we approached Nundroo we left the woodland and entered open farming country. Our journey for the remainder of the day was through a landscape of golden grass and deep blue skies. Combined with the heat we also had very strong side winds which slowed our progress and throughout the day we would debate what we would prefer – the strong side wind which meant no flies or no wind which would allow the flies to do as they wish with us. The general consensus was to have the wind.

We arrived in Penong shortly after 5.30pm, still in high temperatures, and both went in search of cold chocolate milk. 

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


A t-shirt sign on the Eyre Highway west of Nundroo. It reads "Crossing the Nullarbor. Nov 2009 . Heres to it and to it again. If you ever get to it to do it and don't do it may you never get to it to do it again."

Even the clouds were getting blown out of shape today.

Filling water bottles at Nundroo Roadhouse

West of Nundroo

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