Day 146, Saturday, 22 August 2009

Warmun to Fitzroy Crossing (Via Greyhound Bus)

I replaced the derailleur on my bike and Denise did some washing. We then packed our bags ready for this evening’s bus trip and then relaxed in the air-conditioning.

We looked at accommodation options in Broome and will decide where we will stay tomorrow when we are in Fitzroy.

This morning we both took a dose of Gastrolyte. We both had small cramps during the night and Denise’s niks have salt sweat lines after a day’s ride, plus she thinks her fringe is stiff with perspired salt at the end of the day. So we thought we should take a dose to be sure all our salt “levels” are okay.

The driver of the Greyhound bus was a lot cheerier than the driver we had from Taree and knew we had bikes to pack underneath. There were not many passengers on board and not much luggage, so we were able to stand our bikes up instead of laying one on top of the other. We kept the panniers on the bikes for padding and the trailers went of top of each other.

We arrived at the Tarunda Caravan Park in Fitzroy Crossing just after 2am. However, getting the key from the key box was an interesting exercise as the two sprinklers on the office roof were on so Mark had to get wet getting the key. It was lucky for us that it was a warm night!

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Reading an ice-cream wrapper in the shade

Waiting for the bus.


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