Day 192, Wednesday, 7 October, 2009


Still not feeling any better, Mark made another visit to Silver Chain today. This time, after a phone consultation with a doctor, the nurse Lucy told us that Mark could be suffering from a “rumbly” appendix or a kidney infection and that he should go into Geraldton Hospital for some tests. “Oh”, we thought, “This does not sound good. How are we going to get into Geraldton? It’s 110km away and the bus only runs a couple of times a week.” Well Lucy put her local knowledge to use, made some phone calls, and came up with a big surprise. We had expected a lift into Geraldton with someone already travelling that way, what we were offered was far more generous. Rosie from the pub very kindly lent us her car.

We had anticipated that on such a long journey one of us could become ill but we had never thought that we would have difficulties getting to medical assistance under our own steam so close (100km) to a regional hospital.

For a couple of complete strangers this offer of help negotiated by Lucy and provided by Rosie was very much appreciated and, we would contend, out of the ordinary. How many of us would lend a car to someone without taking their contact details or some form of surety?

After the egg throwing incident less than 4 weeks ago it has been most refreshing to see the positive side of human nature. A positive aspect that seems peculiar to country Australia.

After a few hours at Geraldton Hospital Mark emerged with the diagnosis of a gut infection – no threatening appendix thank goodness – but still a recommendation that he not ride and not be too far from a doctor until completely recovered. This led us to the conclusion that we really should move all our gear and ourselves back to Geraldton for the next few days. So we hired a one tonne van and drove both it and Rosie’s car back to Mingenew.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.



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