Day 180, Friday, 25 September, 2009

Distance travelled – 57.9 km
Avg speed – 14.1 kph
Max speed – 19.8 kph

Bush Camp to Wooramel Roadhouse

Last night the wind blew and shook the tent most of the night so we were glad we used our set of sand pegs, otherwise I suspect we would have been blown away.  We had set the alarm very early so we could get up in the dark and get some riding completed before it got too windy. Given it was blowing hard when the alarm went off we decided to go back to sleep until the sun came up. After all what was the point. We are both getting worn down by the continuous wind and it is getting very hard to keep motivated.

It blew as a head wind all day and got stronger after lunch. We diligently took turns to ride 2.5km in front with the other drafting behind. Although we were moving along at only 13kph it did help to rest behind the other, though it did become frustrating to be drafting behind someone going so slow. Each time you had the feeling of overtaking all you had to do was move your bike to the left or right and you quickly pulled back in behind the limited shelter offered by the bike and trailer in front.

There were lots of feral goats along the road today many with kids at foot. The country was also more open with lots of dead woody shrubs and we wondered if this was the result of the goats over grazing. Along the road there are lots of signs warning of cattle but from what we saw today these signs should be replaced with goat warning signs.

The people at Wooramel Roadhouse are very welcoming, giving a discount to cyclists using the Caravan Park. They also have very nice freshly baked pastries which we enjoyed before putting up the tent.

After such a hard day’s riding we are glad to be here but remain concerned about the days ahead if the wind remains so strong. Tomorrow we will carry enough water for two days in case the wind makes it difficult to get to Overlander Roadhouse in the one day.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Sunrise over Bush Camp 090924

Many trees grow like this up here. The wind blows predominantly from left to right. We think the wind blew so strong one day it blew the tree's leaves off.

The bush around our lunch stop

Passing traffic at our lunch stop

Recharging batteries and cooking dinner in the camp kitchen at Wooramel Roadhouse


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