Day 053, Thursday, 21 May 2009


Distance travelled – 106.6 km
Avg speed – 19.8 kph
Max speed – 38.5 kph

Marlborough, Clairview

Dinner at the Caltex Truck Oasis was pretty good so we decided to have bacon and eggs for breakfast there before we set off for Clairview. We commented to the fellow who took our breakfast order how dry the countryside seemed to be and he told us that they had to truck in water they had had so little rain lately. In contrast, I spoke to my parents in Caloundra that morning who told me that they had had seven inches of rain overnight and a further seven the day before!

The road surface today was much improved to that of yesterday and we were able to cover 70km before stopping for lunch at the rest area at Waverley.

Just after we passed the turn off to St Lawrence we caught up with Bruce again. He had a flat tyre and neither of his two pumps were working so we let him use one of ours. A short time after we got going again it started to sprinkle with rain. In the distance the rain clouds looked much blacker than where we were and we could hear the rumble of thunder. As we got closer to Clairview the road was quite wet. I’d say the time we spent helping Bruce with his flat meant that we missed the majority of the rain.

We arrived at Clairview Beach Holiday Park just before 5 o’clock, which gave us just enough time to pitch the tent before it got dark. We decided we would spend the day at Clairview tomorrow. We have heard that it is a nice place and had not had a chance to see it as we had arrived so late.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Morning rest stop between Marlborough and Clairview

Waverley Rest Area 66km north of Marlborough

Birds checking Denise's bike for crumbs, Waverley Rest Area 66km north of Marlborough

Denise's bike on side of road, red lights flashing, as we wait for Bruce, the lone cyclist we keep bumping into, to fix a flat.

Kalarka Roadhouse about 15km from Clairview. Bruce is with Denise.


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