Day 036, Monday, 4 May 2009


Distance travelled – 25.0 km
Avg speed – 20.42 kph
Max speed – 43.3 kph

Halcyon Parks, Maroochydore

Today we had our first ‘sick’ day and recorded our shortest daily distance to date.

We left Denise’s parents shortly after 9.30am and headed up the Nicklin Way with a very steady tail wind. The good road surface and a very steady tail wind had us moving along at nearly 30kph. Not a bad speed with a trailer. At the beginning of the Motorway we had to turn off, as ‘bicycles’ are not permitted – we wondered if a single ‘bicycle’ was acceptable.

Instead of taking the main road through Mooloolaba, which has next to no shoulder, we plotted a course through the residential streets aiming for the new bridge over the Maroochy River. It was a rather pleasant ride looking at all the different types of houses and except for one hill a reasonably easy ride.

After about 60 minutes we were nearing the Maroochy River and decided to drop in unannounced at my brother’s house to show off the loaded bikes. Luckily someone was at home and we were invited in for a cup of tea.

After about 30 minutes Denise made the comment that she was not feeling that well so we decided to delay our departure for about an hour. Things did not improve so after a couple of hours we headed off to the local medical centre for a check up.

As Denise waited for her turn I went in search of a snack and could only find a Hungry Jack’s open. Today was a public holiday and in Queensland, unlike NSW and the ACT, when it’s a public holiday nothing is open. So the Hungry Jack’s was doing a roaring trade. It felt like everyone in Maroochydore was trying to order a hamburger.

After a quick examination Denise left the medical centre’s pharmacy with a bag full of drugs and instructions to rest so we ended up staying the night in Maroochydore rather than Tewantin, our planned destination.

The previous evening Denise’s mother indicated that she may drive up to Tewantin and stay the night with us and say goodbye from there. At the time I suggested it may be best to meet us further north where we planned to stay a couple of nights as unexpected circumstances may see us staying somewhere else. At the time I was thinking of holiday traffic or head winds slowing our progress, not an illness.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.



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